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Standard Delete Manifolds Ship Within 3-4 Days From Date of Order! 

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05-09 Mustang ABS Delete Manifold
05-09 Mustang ABS Delete Manifold, Ohio
Marc Sorger Installed a PRB Machining ABS Delete Manifold in his 2008 GT American Iron Road Racer

Powered by a 900 hp NASCAR Cup Engine and a top speed of 200 mph, quality brake components are critical. That's why I have 100% faith in PRB Machining products and I'm willing to put my life in their hands. "Marc Sorger"

PRB Machining: Mustang ABS Delete Manifold Manufacturer

PRB Machining, located in Ohio, now uses a 2017 HAAS TM-1P vertical milling center to produce high quality parts and with speed to manufacture multiple ABS delete manifolds in a very short period of time. I machined the original Mustang ABS Delete Manifold and have been doing so since 2006. I take pride in providing customers with the best-quality custom products and personal/friendly service. PRB Machining is a VETERAN OWNED COMPANY!
PRB Machining ABS delete manifolds give you the best quality machined "Correct Angled Ports", "Proper Depth Ports", "Proper Diameter of the several Connecting Ports" and Top Quality Metric Threads".  You will get a true internal Class 6H metric thread, which is equivalent to a 2B english internal thread.  This acheives "automotive standard" thread engagement of the factory brake fitting, to the aluminum manifold threads. This prevents loose/sloopy fitting threads. Which will reduce the chance of cross threading on the first initial thread. Higher wrench torque can be applied to the brake fitting to properly seat the metric bubble flare tube to the bottom of the angled ports, without stripping the aluminum threads. This gives a "LEAK FREE" high pressure hydraulic brake manifold. PRB Machining also uses ISO Zero-Leak Gold O-ring port plugs, with Mil-Spec port cutter for the connecting ports to complete a "Leak Free" ABS delete manifold. PRB Machining takes quality serious!

For Off Road Use Only!   If interested in removing the factory ABS control actuator pump without having to re-plumb/splice and flare the stock brake lines, then these delete manifolds are the perfect choice.  The ABS pump can be reinstalled down the road if desired, with no splicing/flaring of the factory brake lines. I can custom design ABS delete manifolds for other make/model vehicles of your choice.  If your factory ABS Control actuator malfunctions, then replace it with an ABS delete manifold that will never malfunction! I engrave each port with the same markings as the factory ABS Module/Pump.  94-04 Ford Mustang And Other Ford Models, Do Not Require An External Manual Proportioning Valve!  Other makes/model vehicles may/will require an external proportioning valve. 

These Manifolds Are Machined Out Of 6061-T6511 Heat Treated Aluminum Produced In The USA!! PRB Machining "Will NOT USE" foreign aluminum. The 98-04 mustang factory ABS pump & bracket weighs 9.7lbs. The Mustang 94-97 factory ABS pump & bracket weighs 13.5 lbs.  The 05-09 Mustang factory ABS pump weighs 7 lbs.  For the drag racer, removing front weight is always a plus!  Firmer brake pedal for more control going thru the traps and Increases space for turbos/superchargers.  Cleans up the engine bay for those Muscle car owners that enjoy entering car shows!  Some vendors that have copied the PRB Machining Mustang ABS  delete manifolds are claiming 25 lbs or 30 lbs weight removal installing their delete manifold. This is Totally INCORRECT! The weights I have listed for the Mustang is accurate. Standard ABS delete manifolds ship 2-3 days from date of order!

99-04 Mustang ABS Delete Manifold With TC.
New Super Lightweight Design Weighing in at 0.28 lbs

94-97 Mustang ABS Delete Manifold.

05-06 GTO Pontiac ABS Delete Manifold

PRB Machining Installs "Zero Leak Gold Plugs" which are ISO 9000 Certified!

Required on Certain year Mustang, Camaro, GTO
These Mil-Spec Plugs are MADE IN AMERICA!

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