About PRB Machining! Where Quality Is The Key!

About PRB Machining! Where Quality Is The Key!
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NOW AVAILABLE! The Original PRB Machining ABS Delete With Line Lock Kit.
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Poud Sponsor Of My Cousin "Bob Bastian" Driver/Owner Of The "Weekend Mistress". Bob Is a Navy Veteran and Retired East Cleveland Fire Fighter! 

Bob Bastian's Super Pro Vega Drag Car.
Bob Bastian's Super Pro Vega Drag Car
8.40's @ 155+ MPH. ALL MOTOR!

The Weekend Mistress Taking a Pass.


 About PRB Machining's Model Maker Machinist

My name is Phil and I have designed & machined ABS Delete Manifolds for 94-09 Mustangs for many years.  I'm certified by the state of Ohio & Federal Gov't as a "Model Maker Machinist".  I graduated a 4 yr apprenticeship machinist program for the state of Ohio and NASA in November 2000.  I served 8 yrs active duty Air Force as a Fire Protection Specialist (Fire Fighter) and 2 yrs Air National Guards (Fire Fighter) and 8 yrs as a civilian Fire Fighter. I was a machinist with NASA for 21 yrs. Years ago I purchased a bench top power feed manual milling machine and decided to start my own buisness in Feb. 2011. The first Mustang ABS delete manifold I designed, was for my 03 Mach 1 back in 2006.  I was looking to remove weight, clean up the engine bay while having firmer brake pedal and more control with my brakes in drag racing.  I wanted to make this an easy install without having to re-plumb/flare the factory brake lines and have the choice to return to ABS.  I tested this delete manifold at the track for a full season and it worked flawlessly. Then in 2006 I began selling 98-04 Mustang ABS delete manifolds. Also, if your factory ABS Brake Actuator Pump malfunctions, then just eliminate the factory Anti-Lock Braking System and replace it with an ABS delete manifold. 

Symptoms of a failing ABS Control Module

First 99-04 Mustang ABS Delete Machined In 2006
99-04 Mustang ABS Delete
Installed On My 03 Mach 1 & Tested on Street/Strip.

Phil's 03 Mach 1 Video

03 Mach 1, Phil Bastian owner of PRB Machining
2003 Mach 1
The Boss at work.

Robert Abney's (9.50 @149.9) 03 Cobra Full Weight
03 Cobra Full Weight
Robert Now Uses a PRB Machining ABS Delete Manifold. Soon To Be In The 8's.

Curt England Uses a PRB Machining Delete Manifold

PRB Machining New HAAS TM-1P Vertical CNC Mill
All ABS Delete Manifolds Machined From Billet Aluminum.

  • Provide High Quality Machining For Customers. 
  • Provide The Best Friendly Service Possible.
  • Provide An Easy Installation Without Replumbing/Flaring Of The Factory Brake Lines.
  • Allow For Returning Back To ABS With An Easy Installation.
  • Fast Shipping, No More Long Delays With Orders

NASA Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training

Ohio Certification of Completion of Apprenticeship

State of Ohio Certificate of Buisness

Phil Was a Firefighter For 16 yrs.

I can design/machine ABS delete manifolds for different makes, models of vehicles.  Please contact me for additional info concerning your vehicle.  Other machining services based on customers needs, can be accommodated.  I can be contacted by e-mail or phone for any questions or inquries for your special machining needs. prbmachining@yahoo.com or C-phone/TXT: 440 213-7782