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03 Mach 1 Carbureted/Distributor 4.6L DOHC
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1. "I just wanted to chime in and say, i am extremely happy with my delete manifold from Phil. It was easy to install, looks beautiful and works great." SVTPerformance Forums
2. "My buddy Loyd got one of these and it works beautifully. He no longer has hydro-boost either. Just plain old manual brakes on a race car."  Mach 1 Registry Forum
3. "I HIGHLY recommend buying the manifold as opposed to what I had to do. As usual, as soon as I mod something, something better comes along."  Mach 1 Registry Forums
4. "Got mine, easy installed, fitment was excellent! Thanks again Phil, you da man!"  Mach 1 Registry Forums
5. "I have one of these & its very easy to install.. If you can twist a couple wrenches to the left & the right you'll be just fine!! Hasnt leaked or done anything negative over the last year either!"  Modular Depot Forums
6. "Ordered mine from Phil last week. He shipped it in a few days. Install is easy, didn't have to remove anything for access on my '02. Vortech bracket, head unit, power pipe, upper rad hose all stayed in place. Top notch quality on the machining Phil. I wish I would have bought one a long time ago."  Modular Depot Forums
7. "Great Product, Fast Shipping, Smooth Transaction, A+++."  Modular Depot Forums
8. "Made an order from Phil for the 99-04 GT part. Looks great, Phil is great to work with. Thanks again Phil!!" Modular Fords Forum
9. "Thanks Phil. The piece looks great!!"  Modular Fords Forum
10. "Very helpful and smooth transaction, ABS Delete block exceeded expectations!"   SVT Performance Forum
11."Great delete and fits and works awsome thanks!"   SVT Performance Forum
12. "I bought one for my American Iron road race car and have several road races with his product and not one problem. Very good work and service. Thanks, Phil."  Mach 1 Registry Forums
13. "I deleted mine, and couldnt be happier with my brakes, honestly, i like the way it feels better and stops on a dime."  Corral Forums
14. "These pieces are very nice.  I've been rocking Phils ABS Delete for about a year now, no issues. Funny when people say, "why's it look so empty right there" Thanks again Phil"! Mach 1 Registry Forum
15. "Got the part faster then expected.  Very nice piece of work, it looks awesome!  Thanks Phil!"  ModularFords.Forum
16. "I received it yesterday, and it's a work of art.  I'll be introducing this on pennmustangs as there are quite a few other auto-crossers on there.   thanks, Joe"   94 GT Owner
17. "Thanks again Phil for the quality piece!"  Mach 1 Registry 
18. "The manifold install is complete and everything went good."  Don 95 GT owner
19. "Got mine...very nice quality. Top notch seller fellas. Kept in contact the whole time. Thanks man."  Mach 1 Registry
20. "What an easy job. Much easier than I did on my old GT, with "T"ing the brake lines. Unhook 6 lines, Unbolt the ABS Pump, Unplug the connector, unbolt the bracket, and then bolt the ABS delete manifold in it's place. More space and more weight savings."  Modded Mustang Forums
21. "Hey man, just wanted to let you know that I received the block the other day.  You do some very nice work.  I installed it along with some braided front line on Sunday and everything is working great.  Thanks and take it easy."  Adam 02 GT
22. "Phil is the guy's member name on here. He machines ABS delete blocks and his reputation is excellent."  ModularFords.Forum 
23. "Got my delete manifold in the mail yesterday. Very nice work Phil! Thanks again."  ModularFords.Forum
24. "Received!!! holy crap this is small... great job!"  SVTPerformance. Forums
25. "I have one of your abs deletes...excellent product!"  SVTSnake Forums 
26. "Great craftsmanship! Love mine! Line lock hole already drilled a definite plus! Again great work and super nice piece."  Corral Forums
28. "I just put my abs delete and line lock on last weekend also. Got it from Phil.  The ABS delete piece is very well made. Took the 95 gt out for a drive and everything went fine at this point."  Corral Forums 
29. "Phil's ABS Delete Manifold is seriously the way to go if your thinking of removing that! Thanks Phil! Worked great!"  Mach 1 Registry
30. "Nice mod and no impact to braking what so ever."  ModularFords.Forum
31. "It doesnt leak and the brake pedal feels nice and firm."  ModularFords.Forum
32. " Phil, thanks again for everything!  I spent months trying to figure out the best and easiest way to add line lock to my car.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate you putting together a complete ABS delete line lock all in one package that I was able to install in under an hour.  I tested it at the track last night and it works perfect.  Thank you again!"
33. "Gotta thank Phil also, for a great product and everything fit perfect"   Mach 1 Registry
34. "Love Phil's ABS Delete Manifold. Here is mine on my 98 Cobra, with my Hurst Line Lock attached! Thanks again Phil!!!  ModularFords Forum
35.  "Got it..awesome piece."  Mach 1 Registry 
36.  "I have one of these manifolds on my car and installed a hurst roll control line lock at the same time. Excellent piece."  SVTPerformance Forums 
37.  "
I bought one from you several years ago, works great and nice quality!"  SVTPerformance Forums
38.  "I like the way you did that Line lock and ABS delete together. If I hadn't already installed my line lock before the delete I definitely would do it the same way as you. Looks much easier!"   Mach 1 Registry 
39.  "I have one of these on my car and highly recommend it! It saves weight, cleans up the engine bay, and you can clean some of that nasty wiring out you won't be needing with the ABS gone! Kudos!"  Mach 1 Registry
40.  "Just got mine in the mail. It is a work of art. I have a machinist background and am not saying that lightly! Sweet!"  Mach 1 Registry
41.  "The manifold works GREAT thanks Phil !!!!!"  Mach 1 Registry
42.  "Install is easy, didn't have to remove anything for access on my '02. Vortech bracket, head unit, power pipe, upper rad hose all stayed in place. Top notch quality on the machining Phil. I wish I would have bought one a long time ago."   Modular Depot
43.  "I finally installed the ABS delete last night and it looks and fits great."  Mach 1 Registry 
44. "I got the ABS manifold last week and just wanted to say thanks, you do good
work. I haven't installed it yet but the machine work is very nice."   E-Mail

"Hey Phil,
The install was straight forward and easy , no issues and it took almost no time to do. It works really well, I have a better pedal feel and it seems to have taken away any "mushy" feeling I may have had in the pedal ."
Mike McGuinness
Performance Manager of Zenkai Motorsports
46. "Used phil's delete block. Nice mod and no impact to braking what so ever."  ModularFords Forum
47. "I got one a couple weeks ago its a nice piece."  ModularFords Forum
48. "PRB has probably the nicest piece, cant go wrong with it!"  ModularFords Forum
49. "just got the abs delete with the line lock, you do incredible work phil!! great job, thanks!"  E-mail
50. " Phil, the block fit and worked perfect. Thank you. You should have gotten at least one other order from Orange, TX. Triangle Speed. They liked it a lot."   E-mail
51. " Phil , part is installed and looks great! Thank you again."   E-mail
52. "Got the part, it looks good!   E-mail
53. "Just wanted to let you know I received the package yesterday and everything looks great. The craftsmanship and overall product greatly exceeded my expectations!"  E-mail
54. "Fits awesome. Thank you much."  E-mail
55. "Just got it. Yes, Nice piece!".   E-mail
56. "Received it this afternoon and installed it with no problems. Thanks Phil for all the help and replying to all my Emails.  Was a pleasure doing business with you. "  E-mail  Robert
57. "Hi Phil, I got the abs delete in the mail yesterday. It looks sweet. Thank you!  E-mail Ryan
58. "Received today, looks great. Thanks!" E-mail Lee
59: "Phil,  Got the 05-09 ABS delete manifold installed today and tested bedding in some new Powerstop track day pads and rotors. I could not be more pleased! This is the way the Good Lord intended brakes to be. I can lock 'em up at will. Thanks ever so much."  E-mail Stan 
60: "Phil, thanks for such a nice piece, went right in and sealed right up" E-mail Joe
61: "Thank you very much for making that part for me, it came out perfect and I can't wait to install it." E-mail Stephen
62: "Hey Phil, just received the block. Nice Piece!" E-mail Shane
63: "Hey Phil, I finally installed your ABS delete manifold and wow, what a difference! Thanks again so much, we really apreciate it. The quality is outstanding! Thanks again." Email Blair from Blue Line Racing
64: "Thumbs up! The product works great for me!" Mach 1 Registry
65: "Powered by a NASCAR 900 hp cup engine and a top speed of 200 mph, quality brake components are critical. That's why I have 100% faith in PRB Machining products and I'm willing to put my life in their hands."  Marc Sorger 
66: "Friend of mine got one of your delete's, installed it and he's well pleased" Mach 1 Registry
67: "Install went in no problem" Shawn's 04 Mercury Grand Marquies.
68: "No problems, in fact it was a perfect fit. Dang it's small, all lines threaded in." John's 03 Crown Vic. 
69: "I also run one of your blocks and thequality is awesome." SSG, Modded Mustangs
70: "I've got one of your blocks too! It's a great piece" nileppezdel77!, Modded Mustangs 
71: "Absolutely first rate product! And service! I salute you for reminding me how things use to be.." E-mail Walt 
72: "That's awesome Philip. Man just got to hand it to you, customer service has been top notch and did not hide behind anything. You have been up front the whole time. Thanks for what you do." Email, Ron from Canada
73: "Just wanted you to know I received your package and got it installed. Fit and finish was great, thanks for the excellent product." Email from Tim, 99-04 Mustang New Design delete manifold 
74: "Nice Part! looks great, 5 stars" Ebay Seller Feedback ABS delete 
75: "Great productI like it and fast shipping" Ebay Seller Feedback ABS delete
76. "Very Happy!" Ebay Seller Feedback ABS delete
77. "A+ seller! Very easy transaction and seller was extremely responsive!" Ebay Seller Feedback ABS delete
78. "Nice product. Looks Great 5 star *****" Ebay Seller Feedback ABS delete 
79: "Very good service, thank you." Ebay seller Feedback ABS delete
80: "The delete block is exactly as described. Follow the instructions and you will have no problems. Also buy from a quality machinist to get a quality part. Phil was genuine and prompt." EbaySeller Feedback ABS delete.
81: "Excellent Part, Great Fitment. Follow the instructions provided by Phil A+" Ebay feedback
82: " Awesome Seller! Great communication! Great product, Fit Perfect." Ebay feedback
83: "Great Piece! Quality build for perfection. Richard on PRB Machining FB page
84: "Great product, worth it!" ebay feedback ABS delete manifold
85: "Very high quality item. I am impressed. Thanks for all" carlos on PRB Machining FB page
86: "As described! Fast shipping!" ebay feedback ABS delete manifold
87: "Top notch quality. I previousley had a competitors block and it leaked, exchanged for a 2nd one and that leaked. At that point I decided to go woth yours due to the reputation you have. Well what do you know, not a single leak as of yet. Thank you for a great product and great customer service" Mike on PRB Machining FB page
88: "Fast shipping! Great product! Excellent communication" ebay feedback 
89: "Perfect Fit! Thx A+++" ebay feedback ABS delete manifold 

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