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Before Installing a PRB Machining ABS delete manifold, the following procedures should be used.

1. Inspect the ports on the new delete manifold. There should be no signs of damaged threads or gouges on angled bottom of port. Use compressed air to blow out ports just to ensure of no debrie.

2. Before removing factory brake fittings from ABS pump, use a penetrating solvent like PB Blaster or Liquid Wrench on fittings/tubes.

 3. Clean factory brake fitting threads with a bronze/brass brush (gun cleaning brush) even a hard nylon tooth brush will work. Use a penetrating solvent like PB Blaster or Liquid wrench to scrub clean the dirty threads. Use fine scotch brite with penetrating solvent, to scrub the bottom of metric bubble flare tube. 

4. Insure that the brake fitting rotates on factory brake tube freely. If not, use penetrating solvent and work the fitting back and forth. Having a loose free turning brake fitting will reduce the chance of cross threading the aluminum threads in delete manifold.

5. Use a small amount of anti-seize on the begining lead threads of the brake fitting threads.  

6. Once the brake fitting is screwed in and the bubble flare tube is against bottom of port, give a snug turn with wrench to seat bubble flare to bottom of aluminum port, while holding the delete manifold. 

7. Check for leaks while bleeding the brakes. If a brake fitting is leaking from the port of the aluminum ABS delete manifold , then loosen brake fitting and re-tighten with a little more firmness/torque.