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The Source for an Effective Subaru ABS Delete in Ohio

Your car is your pride and joy. It’s a rolling work of art. You have spent hours and hours of your precious time on it from the inside to the outside and everything in between. It’s something you’re proud of - with good reason. 

Like many car enthusiasts you’re never satisfied with your ride, there’s always something else that needs your attention. A part that you replaced in the past can now be replaced with an even better part. The search for horsepower and performance never ends. However, your search for a braking upgrade can end now when you purchase a Subaru ABS delete in Ohio.

Say Goodbye to Pitiful Performance

The custom paint on your road rocket shines. You’ve upgraded the suspension. Your alloy wheels and low profile tires scream of curve-hugging performance. The modified engine is a powerhouse of go-go-go, but, and this is a big but, your brakes can’t keep up. Instead of supplying plenty of whoa-whoa-whoa, they offer up a pitiful no-no-no. 

The calipers grabbing those massive discs are top-shelf, the discs are perfect and race-quality, the braided lines are great, and the fluid is fresh. The electronic intervention is definitely something you can do without. If your anti-lock braking almost feels like anti-stop braking sometimes, then we can help at PRB Machining LLC with a Subaru ABS delete manifold.

Impressive Fit and Finish

The list of reasons to turn to us to say goodbye to your ABS issues is a comprehensive one. For starters, let’s just take a look at the thing -- it’s a work of art. This unit is machined from a solid block of extruded aluminum and will match the rest of the stellar components you’ve already bestowed upon your car. Say goodbye to any mushy brake feeling you’ve encountered in the past once you’ve easily added this piece to your system. 

The installation is straightforward and can be done without any hardship or special tools. At PRB Machining LLC the pieces we create are made to replace the factory ABS control actuators precisely. Our design assures that you don’t have to mess around with splicing or flaring the existing lines. That means you can re-install the factory module later on if you wish. 

You’re going to love the improved braking feel and action along with the quicker response you will get from a delete manifold as compared to the factory equipment. So, for better braking performance from your Subaru, your search stops here.

Contact us to learn all about our ABS machining services. We proudly serve Ohio as well as customers across the United States and Canada.

99-04 Subaru WRX, STI:
Mike McGuinniess Performance Manager of Zenkai Motorsports, (Subaru of Las Vegas),  Has tested a PRB Machining 98-04 Subaru ABS Delete Manifold On His Custom Show 2004 WRX Wagon and Gives a Thumbs Up Rating!

98-04 Impreza ABS Delete Manifold

Mike McGuinness's 2004 Custom Show WRX Wagon
PRB Machining Delete Manifold Installed on This Awesome WRX Show Car

98-04 Subaru Impreza ABS Delete Manifold
Custom Engraving For Zenkai Motorsports

E-Mail From Mike McGuinness: 
"Hey Phil,
The install was straight forward and easy ,  no issues and it took almost no time to do.  It works really well, I have a better pedal feel and it seems to have taken away any "mushy" feeling I may have had in the pedal ." 
Mike McGuinness
Performance Manager of Zenkai Motorsports