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99-04 Subaru WRX, STI:
Mike McGuinniess Performance Manager of Zenkai Motorsports, (Subaru of Las Vegas),  Has tested a PRB Machining 98-04 Subaru ABS Delete Manifold On His  Custom Show 2004 WRX Wagon and Gives a Thumbs Up Rating!

98-04 Impreza ABS Delete Manifold

Mike McGuinness's 2004 Custom Show WRX Wagon
PRB Machining Delete Manifold Installed on This Awesome WRX Show Car

98-04 Subaru Impreza ABS Delete Manifold
Custom Engraving For Zenkai Motorsports

E-Mail From Mike McGuinness: 
"Hey Phil,
The install was straight forward and easy ,  no issues and it took almost no time to do.  It works really well, I have a better pedal feel and it seems to have taken away any "mushy" feeling I may have had in the pedal ." 
Mike McGuinness
Performance Manager of Zenkai Motorsports