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NOW AVAILABLE! The Original PRB Machining ABS Delete With Line Lock Kit.
Ford/Mercury/Lincoln ABS Delete
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Current Ford ABS Delete Manifolds Offered:
1. 94-97 Mustang GT, Cobra
2. 98-04 Mustang, GT, Cobra, Mach 1, Bullit
3. 98-04 Mustang V6 
4. 05-09 Mustang GT, Shelby, Boss
5. 03-05 Crown Vic/Grand Marquis/Lincoln Town Car 
6. 03-04 Mercury Marauder 

94-97 Mustang GT, Cobra ABS Delete Manifolds require a "little more" then minor factory brake line bending/aligning, then other make/models. This is to keep the 94-97 delete manifold small in size (due to the unique shape of the delete manifold), which would other wise require a much larger manifold in dimension.